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R.I.P. Bo Barack

Good evening!

We've just received the sad message, that a famous dog of the US died on cancer some days ago. Bo Barack, whom you all may know from his funny storys on insta ( 

Now his family couldn't help him anylonger to fight his awful illness: cancer. Some lovable obituarys are found on Insta written by his two-leged-Mom-and-Dad.  

As all we female rabbits of Hoppel's family died with or even on cancer, we have exceptional reason to remind everybody, that not healing but prevention of this disease (caused by pollution and contamination) is one of the pivotal points of the nature - animals - WoMen - relation!

Care about us extensively, and we'll love you extensively!

Rest in peace, dear famous Bo!

With respectful regards

die Miri & the GT-team



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